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60 Bolles Artists Win 143 Scholastic Art Awards, 33 Gold Key
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Local art leaders held adjudication for the 2022 Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards on Saturday, January 8, during which they reviewed more than 2,600 student art entries in 16 visual art categories. The results are another big win for Bolles Fine Arts – 60 Bolles visual arts students won a total of 143 awards in the prestigious annual competition including a staggering 33 Gold Key-winning works (including four Gold Key portfolios), 64 Silver Key-winning works and 46 Honorable Mention-winning works.

These results are among the highest and most extensive in School history.

“As an art department, I am so excited to see that our students’ individual artistic voices are getting stronger and louder thanks to our incredible faculty,” said Bolles visual arts instructor Tiffany Gonzalez. According to Bolles Fine and Performing Arts Director Laura Rippel, all Bolles upper school visual arts teachers -- and Bugle and Perspective writing teacher Anna Jacobson -- had Scholastic award-winning students in this year's lineup. Award winning writers will be announced in March.

Judging was expected to be particularly tough this year. But adjudicators were amazed by the submissions, according to local leaders.

“Judges from around northeast Florida…were energized, inspired and activated by what they saw,” said Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards Co-Organizer Laurie Hoppock. The contest is sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and the Northeast Florida Art Education Association. The group will honor students during an Awards Ceremony in downtown Jacksonville February 12. Gold Key-winning works will be on exhibit in downtown Jacksonville and pieces by Silvery Key and Honorable Mention artists will be displayed in a digital gallery.

Gold Key winners’ works go on in competition to the national level. National medal award winners will be announced in mid-March.

2022 Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards winners, including their categories, mediums, awards and teachers are:

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