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2021 Upper School Awards Day a Virtual, and Actual, Affair
awards day

The 2021 Upper School Awards Day took on a slightly different form than years past, but its celebration of student accomplishment was not diminished. Senior students and their parents met on the River Campus Friday, May 28 for the 2021 Senior Awards Day ceremony, held live on campus and hosted by Bolles President and Head of School Tyler Hodges, Associate Head of School Mike Drew and Upper School Head Moya Marks. The event was livestreamed. Seniors received awards in the area of academics, the arts, athletics and community service. For photos from the live morning event, visit our online gallery. Later that morning, Bolles administrators released a virtual version of the 2021 Upper School Awards Day event, which highlighted student accolades at all upper school grade levels and included the senior recognitions. Click here for a copy of the Awards Day program. A link to the awards and students' names can be found here.