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Bolles Faculty & Staff: Behind the Scenes - 2019-20

Take a look at how our faculty and staff are making All Things Possible in their subject areas every day!  President and Head of School Tyler Hodges interviews faculty and staff from all four campuses in person or via Skype and these talks are shared weekly through our newsletter to faculty and staff. We are offering you a behind the scenes peek at how our faculty and staff bring excitement and fun into their classrooms and office areas.

Drew Upchurch, Director of Auxiliary Programs
Tyler Hodges with the Skinner Family
Tyler Hodges with the Slaughter Family
Tyler Hodges with Alex '24 and Kate '24
Tyler Hodges with Dr. Jamie Dwyer '92
Tyler Hodges with Yash Gulani '20 and Kenny Sogbesan '20
Melvin Morgan, Director of Facilities
Mike Drew, Associate Head of School
Paul Matthews, FLIK Dining Services
Andi Oldham, Lower School Science
Twyla Ashman, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Paul Sollee '88, Chief Technology Officer
Carolyn Houston and Beth Zerkowski, Lower School Robotics
Linda Tyre, Upper School Nurse
Gabi Fudge, Middle School Robotics
Scott Smith, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Matt Toblin and Peter Verhoef, Coaches of the Year
Julie Moloney, College Counseling/Global Online Academy
Jaime Sanborn, Middle School Library
Jeff Yeakel, Upper School World History
Sister Teachers, Bitsy Body and Jennifer Moore
Andrea Benitez, Whitehurst Grade 3
Savannah Wood, Middle School Spanish
Laura Rippel, Challenge Success Program
Jimmy Lyons, Leadership Cohort
Cathy Soud, World Languages Chair
Brynne Plant, Middle School Guidance Counselor
John Newman, Upper School Dean of Students
Mike Drew, Associate Head of School
Jeff Creter, Upper School English
Nancy Hazzard, Upper School Science
Carrie Ezzell, Upper School Spanish
Michael Fritton, Middle School Fine And Performing Arts
Marty Coyne, Middle School Social Studies
Summer Anderson, Upper School Science
Robin Mendelson, Upper School Math
Debbie Carney, Middle School English
Mark Meyers, Robotics
Christina Karvounis, Lower School Librarian and Information Specialist
Daniel Austin, Lower School Performing Arts
Marie Kervin, Upper School English
Katherine Moody, Upper School Librarian