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Summer Camp Volunteer Application


2023 Bolles Summer Camp Volunteer Application

Volunteering is contingent upon successful completion of an interview process and screening.
Applications are due by Friday, March 31.


We will try to accommodate any date conflicts; however, we do prioritize staff who can commit to the training day, 6 weeks of Day Camp and 2 weeks of Adventure Camp. All volunteer applicants MUST be interviewed and screened. Please find important interview information located at the bottom of this application.


Adventure Camp Session 1 (May 30 – June 2)required
Day Camp Session 1 (June 5 – 19)required
Day Camp Session 2 (June 12 – 16)required
Day Camp Session 3 (June 19 – 23)required
Day Camp Session 4 (June 26 – June 30)required
Day Camp Session 5 (July 3 – 7)required
Day Camp Session 6 (July 10 – 14)required
Day Camp Session 7 (July 17 – July 21)required
Day Camp Session 8 (July 24 – July 28)required
Adventure Camp Session 2 (July 31 – August 4)required
Adventure Camp Session 3 (August 7 – 11)required

Attention: All NEW APPLICANTS that have not previously worked, volunteered, or interviewed at Bolles Summer Camp:

The 2023 Bolles Summer Camp on the San Jose Campus will run from May 30 - August 11. There will be one group training day on Saturday, May 20. Interested applicants are expected to be available for these dates.

All new candidates are to interview as follows:

Interview Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023
(Dress is active casual)
Time: Begins at 8 a.m. with individual time slots to be determined later
Meet: In the San Jose Campus Canteen, The Bolles School, 7400 San Jose Blvd.
Parking: Enter the Bolles San Jose Campus main entrance. Once you pass the Welcome Center, turn left at the stop sign. The Canteen is located just to the left of the flag pole.
Information: The 2023 Bolles Summer Camp will run from May 30 - August 11 and operate out of our San Jose Blvd. location. Please plan to attend a group volunteer training event on Saturday, May 20. Interested applicants are expected to be available for these dates.



We are excited that you are interested in being a part of Bolles Summer Camp as a Volunteer.

Opportunities volunteer service at summer camp provides:
1) Each volunteer will receive training and experience at our summerday camp facility as to serving children of various ages while providing a fun, safe, and structured day of activities for their growth and recreation.

2) Each volunteer will have an opportunity to log community service hours that may assist with entry to college, applying for scholarships such as Florida Bright Futures, applying for future job employment, etc.

3) Each volunteer will have the opportunity to build working relationships with people they may already know as well as the many that will be new to them.

4) Each volunteer will have the opportunity to be a positive influence on younger children as they care, nurture, and interact with them.

5) Each volunteer will have the opportunity to inspire others through mentorship using enthusiasm and encouragement with respect to self-control and patience.

6) Each volunteer will receive a daily lunch.


Additional important information and expectations about the volunteer program:
1) For those not familiar with Bolles Summer Camp, most of our day activities will include being outside under the Florida sun. We also have water activities that include swimming in a chlorinated pool and canoeing/kayaking/tubing in the St. Johns River.

2) Volunteers are expected to be of a maturity that shows a definitive gap between the role of a camper and those who are caregivers for them. Being a volunteer holds the responsibility to aid staff with the best interest of the camper's safety, security, well-being, and enjoyment in mind. Any disruption to the daily responsibilities of providing service for our campers may result in dismissal from the volunteer program.

3) Volunteers are expected to continually display outstanding traits of character and integrity. All volunteers are asked to approach summer camp in the same behavioral expectations of being a student of the school under the Bolles Honor Code. Any volunteer who chooses to disregard the school’s standards of character can expect dismissal from the volunteer program. Volunteers may review and ask questions as to their understanding of how to relate character to the Bolles Honor Code during orientation.

4) Volunteers are to expect approval for screening guidelines according to The Florida Department of Children and Family and are subject to pay for any off campus screening that may be required.

5) Volunteers are asked to commit to six weeks of Day Camp and two weeks of Adventure Camp and to make every effort to be at the staff/volunteer training occurring the morning of May 20. Volunteers are not to participate in summer camp until orientation has been completed.