The Bolles School tradition regarding graduation attire does not include cap and gown, but rather for the ladies white dresses and for the men blue blazers and white pants.  While on the surface it seems to be quite simple, there are more detailed conventions that MUST be met.

Please understand that these are NOT suggestions or guidelines but are requirements.  The consequence of not adhering to these standards is to be excluded from the graduation processional and not participating in the graduation ceremony.  Obviously, this is extremely embarrassing for the individual and very disappointing for the family and friends in attendance.

While the graduates know these requirements, your assistance in preparing for this event will be invaluable in creating a memorable and appropriate graduation experience.

For the ladies
The dress:
—   must be white.  Off-white, ivory, cream, or ecru are not suitable.
—   fabric should be a material suited for a morning occasion (not form fitted) the dress should cover the knees when the wearer is seated —   if it does not have sleeves, must have shoulder straps that are at least 3/4” wide (it may not be strapless or have a halter top)
—   must have a modest neckline with the back no lower than the bottom of the shoulder blades
The gloves
—   must be white
—   must be wrist length
—   must be cotton (no lace)
The shoes:
—   must be white
—   may not be flip-flops, platforms, or casual sandals
—   must have a low heel or be flat - no “spike” heels or boots are acceptable

For the gentlemen
The jacket:
— must be dark blue
The shirt:
—   must be light blue, not “French” Blue
—  should be a solid color
The pants:
—   must be WHITE. Off-white, ivory, cream, or ecru are not suitable
—   must be worn with either a brown or black belt
The shoes:
—   must be brown or black leather dress shoes
—   must be worn with socks
The tie:
—   must be a traditional tie (no bow tie) with a conservative pattern
—   may not have cartoon characters, commercial products, advertising, team logos, etc.
—   should be clean, neatly combed, and cut above the collar.

For all students:
As during the school day, earrings (for boys) or exposed body piercing or tattoos are not acceptable.

Should you have any questions regarding these standards please contact
Piper Moyer-Shad (904) 256-5108, or Mrs. Tyler (904) 256-5110,

We recommend that the attire be approved prior to your purchase.

Upper School

(Grades 9-12)
San Jose Campus
7400 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 733-9292

Middle School

(Grades 6-8)
Bartram Campus
2264 Bartram Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 724-8850

Lower School

(Grades PreK-5)
Ponte Vedra Beach Campus
200 ATP Tour Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
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Lower School

(Grades PreK-5)
Whitehurst Campus
7400 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32217
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