The Bolles School 2014 Winter
M4thodology Workshop

Who should attend?

Administrators, curriculum supervisors, math coaches and teachers who want to learn mathematics for meaning versus rote memorization.

What is the Bolles M4thodology Institute?
It is an institute, not a workshop, where teachers are taught how to teach math, learning the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to teaching all mathematical concepts. All instructors are current educators implementing these strategies in their classrooms.

Why the Bolles Institute?
M4thodology provides the structure to develop a math curriculum based on number sense. To support this curriculum we have developed an intensive 2 day, grade-specific institute that teaches sound pedagogical strategies to use in your classroom. This institute builds the conceptual knowledge behind every mathematical computation. Teachers will leave understanding the whys and hows behind the mathematics.

This institute uses techniques found in the Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics. “In Singapore, a substantial amount of curriculum time is devoted to teaching and learning mathematics in the early grade levels to build a strong foundation for the acquisition of mathematical knowledge and skills in later years. Effective learning of mathematics requires a coherent and well structured syllabus, excellent instructional materials, and good teachers who use sound pedagogical strategies that are developmentally appropriate.”

Lead Instructor
Sarah Schaefer

Sarah has a master's degree in mathematics education from Boston University, and nineteen years of experience teaching mathematics in Grades K - 12 and has been studying Singapore methods for eleven years. Currently, Sarah teaches algebra in addition to serving as a curriculum specialist for Grades Pre-K through Grade 6. Outside the classroom, she serves as a math consultant in implementing Primary Mathematics.

Sarah has spoken locally and nationally on the program and how to successfully implement the program in a school.

Learning opportunities for teachers that are both new to the Singapore Model method for learning mathematics, and for more experienced teachers who have been working with the method.

Grade Level Specific Content and Stages of Instruction Using a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach

An Understanding and Application of Mental Math Strategies and Appropriate Time to Incorporate Them

Lessons on Model Drawing Using Content From The Program

Learn the Latest Methodology in Math.

January 14-15, 2014
Grades K-2
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

January 16-17, 2014
Grades 3-6
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Cost is $495 per session (Lunch not included)
Sign up today, limited space is available!

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All payments must be received by January 1, 2014

Upper School

(Grades 9-12)
San Jose Campus
7400 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 733-9292

Middle School

(Grades 6-8)
Bartram Campus
2264 Bartram Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 724-8850

Lower School

(Grades PreK-5)
Ponte Vedra Beach Campus
200 ATP Tour Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
(904) 285-4658

Lower School

(Grades PreK-5)
Whitehurst Campus
7400 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 733-9292