Join the Bolles Family

    The Bolles School proudly employs over 400 full and part-time faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators, serving over 1,700 students on our four campuses in Grades Pre-K through 12.  

    Benefits of employment at Bolles:

    Bolles offers an attractive benefits package for eligible employees, including:
    Medical & Dental Insurance 
    Prescription Drug Insurance
    Employer provided Life Insurance 
    Short and long-term Disability
    Vision Insurance
    Employee Assistance Program
    A 403b Retirement Program with Employer Match 
    Tuition Remission Benefits
    Paid Time Off for vacation, illness, and personal reasons
    Bereavement Leave
    Paid Holidays 
    Professional Development & Educational Assistance
    Voluntary Dependent Life Insurance
    Flexible Spending and Health Reimbursement Accounts 
    Supplemental Insurance for Cancer, Accident, and Catastrophic Event  

    The Bolles School is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to hiring the best and brightest talent in support of our mission and values.  

    We take great pride in the long tenure and low turnover within our employee population.  At times, though, we find it necessary to seek qualified applicants for a variety of positions including general business and finance, advancement, resident life, counseling, marketing and communications, transportation, and academic instruction and support . 

    If you have an interest in a career at Bolles or would like to review our current job opportunities.


    If we do not have anything currently available that is a fit with your education, background, and experience, we will retain your resume in our files for one year should something become available.

    A Great Place to Work
    Bolles was named one of the 2010 winners of The Principal 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security, citing exemplary medical and retirement benefits.  


    In 2007, Bolles was recognized by the Jacksonville Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work in Northeast Florida.”

    Professional development opportunities abound at Bolles, including the Ottenstroer Excellence in Teaching Fellowships, awarded annually to provide outstanding opportunities for professional growth among faculty.

    In 2011, Bolles was ranked by Standard and Poor’s as one of the nation’s most financially sound schools.

    A Beautiful Location
    Bolles’ four campuses are located among beautiful settings in the Jacksonville area. The Upper School San Jose and Lower School Whitehurst Campuses share 52 acres on the scenic banks of the St. John’s River just south of Downtown Jacksonville.  The Middle School Bartram Campus, just five miles northeast of the San Jose Campus, sits along the quaint Pottsburg Creek. The Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus features 12 acres of beautiful grounds adjacent to the beach.  


    The Bolles School: A Remarkable Place to Work
    The Bolles School has long been acclaimed as one of the country’s most attractive work environments. Since its founding in 1933, the school has been drawing top academic, arts and athletic professionals from all over the United States. But Bolles’ reputation for maintaining a high caliber faculty and staff took on concrete dimension in recent years with a nod from several organizations. In 2010, The Bolles School was named to The Principal 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security. In 2007, The Jacksonville Business Journal named the school one of the “Best Places to Work in Northeast Florida.” Exemplary medical and retirement benefits have been cited as one of Bolles’ major employment selling points – and the average Bolles employee has worked at the school for more than 16 years. Current faculty and staff are the best sources when it comes to defining Bolles’ most attractive workplace features. These respected Bolles employees explain why people want to work at Bolles, and why they stay:


    Name: Joey Hudson
    Position: Math teacher and football coach at the Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus; Resident parent in the boy’s dormitory; director, Bolles Summer Day Camp.
    Working at Bolles since: 2000

    “I respect the way Bolles not only seeks to develop students academically, athletically, and artistically, but influences them to develop character and service as well. Students have wonderful opportunities and resources to grow in all areas of life. I have enjoyed the positive relationships that have developed with students, faculty and parents in working toward unified goals for the growth and nurturing of our students.”


    Name: Kathy Newman
    Position: Kindergarten Teacher, Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus
    Working at Bolles since: 2003

    “Being a Kindergarten teacher is a wonderful job! The children love to come to school every day. They arrive smiling and ready to experience new things. There is nothing like seeing their little faces light up with excitement when they learn something new. Bolles is a great place to teach because I’m surrounded by teachers who love what they do and administrators who are always supportive.”


    Name: Mark Frampton
    Position: Director of Upper School and Boarding Admission
    Working at Bolles since: 1994

    “One of the things I appreciate most about my job is working with families from around the world interested in sending their students to Bolles – and promoting the mission of the school to prospective families. The students, teachers and families associated with Bolles are extraordinary people. Everyone is working toward providing an environment that helps the students prepare for college and beyond. This common focus makes working at Bolles an honor and a pleasure.”


    Name: Jennifer Moore
    Position: Technology Integrator, Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus
    Working at Bolles since: 2012

    “I transferred to Bolles from Virginia, and I love the weather. I have also enjoyed getting to know the staff and the students. Everyone is so willing to help each other. I work with a very diverse group of people, but they all have the same purpose – to allow the students to reach their highest potential. I like the flexibility that the staff has to meet the expectation of their grade level with new and different strategies. As an employer, Bolles has been great – they have allowed me in the short time I have been here to keep learning. They encourage me to follow my passions.”


    Name: Nancy Hazzard
    Position: Science Department Chair, Bolles Upper School San Jose Campus
    Working at Bolles since: 1990

    “One of the things I particularly love about Bolles is, of course, working with my students. Another is the fact that every facet of Bolles consists of people who are consistently seeking to do their best in their area and make Bolles an even better place – whether it’s in athletics, fine and performing arts, in the office, in the classroom or whatever aspect of Bolles it is to which they contribute. My fellow co-workers and the assistance I receive from my department and others, as well as the positive atmosphere, make Bolles a terrific place to work.”


    Name: Richard Anderson
    Position: Bolles Middle School Bartram Campus Principal
    Working at Bolles since: 1980

    “Without a doubt, the students and faculty are what I love most about my job. We have an absolutely outstanding group of teachers who care deeply about students. Working with so many wonderful people has made my years at Bolles truly a blessing. And we have the best students in the world! I have worked with so many incredible students over the years who have gone on to do so many remarkable things. It has been very fulfilling. And they make me laugh every single day! The school’s values, however, are what have made the difference for me. Over the years, I have, like most people, developed my own personal set of values. These values are very important to me and it would be very difficult for me to work in an environment where the corporate values don’t match my personal values. I came to Bolles in 1980 with the idea of working here for a few years and then moving on. After several years here, it became clear that there is no place to go that would be better than Bolles. So here we are – 33 years later, and I am still here.”


    Name: Liu Cheng Rothschild
    Position: Chinese teacher
    Working at Bolles since: 2004

    “Before I joined Bolles, I worked for a number of years at several private schools in New England. The biggest difference between Bolles and these other schools is the strong leadership at the language department and the academic office. I love, and profoundly appreciate, the consistent institutional commitment at Bolles to promote Chinese language and culture. Another important thing I truly appreciate about my job is my students. Their eagerness for learning and enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture have made teaching a pleasure. Bolles provides ongoing support for faculty development, another reason it is a great place to work. The professional development funds and the Ottenstroer Fellowship grants provide faculty with vital and valuable financial opportunities to continue their education. I wouldn’t have been able to finish my master’s degree without this support. The generous retirement plan for the faculty also makes Bolles a great place to work.”


    Name: Dawn Collins
    Position: Fifth-grade math and history teacher, Bolles Lower School Whitehurst Campus
    Working at Bolles since: 1988

    “I am confident I have the support of my fellow teachers, administration, and parents. If I have a need that will help me be a better teacher, the Bolles community has always found a way to fulfill it. The human resource and administrative departments have always worked for us to have the greatest benefits. The best part of working at Bolles is the feeling of being part of a fantastic family. My three adult children all graduated from Bolles, and this would have never been possible if my husband and I did not work for Bolles.”


    Name: Carmen Adair
    Position: Spanish instructor and international programs coordinator
    Working at Bolles since: 2004

    “There are many things I appreciate and love about working at Bolles. First, I love teaching, being around students and helping them to excel in learning Spanish. I also enjoy the relationships I experience through working with our students and faculty here at Bolles and those of our sister schools in china, Japan, Spain and France. I love to get up every morning and think about what we are going to accomplish in class that day, what my students are going to learn, and how I can share my passion for teaching with others. Bolles offers many opportunities to students and faculty. Great benefits, professional development opportunities, and excellent resources and facilities are just some of the reasons that make Bolles a great place to work. I love Bolles overall, but I especially love the World Language Department. We have such qualified and unique people working here.”

    Upper School

    (Grades 9-12)
    San Jose Campus
    7400 San Jose Boulevard
    Jacksonville, FL 32217
    (904) 733-9292

    Middle School

    (Grades 6-8)
    Bartram Campus
    2264 Bartram Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 724-8850

    Lower School

    (Grades PreK-5)
    Ponte Vedra Beach Campus
    200 ATP Tour Boulevard
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
    (904) 285-4658

    Lower School

    (Grades PreK-5)
    Whitehurst Campus
    7400 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32217
    (904) 733-9292