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    Kittinger ’46 Appears on ESPN's E:60

    Bolles alumnus Colonel Joseph W. Kittinger ’46 appeared in a segment on ESPN’s E:60 program on November 1. In the segment, “Air, Sea, and Land”, Kittinger appears intermittently as the representative of "air".  View the video on the ESPN web site here.

    In addition to his distinguished career as a United States Air Force pilot, Kittinger pushed the limits of human flight. In 1960, wearing a prototype NASA space suit, he jumped from an open gondola in a hot air balloon at an altitude of 102,800 feet – the first human ever to reach an altitude of almost 20 miles above solid ground. He plummeted the first 90,000 feet in a free fall that lasted over four and one-half minutes as he traveled at speeds reaching 714 miles per hour until at 12,000 feet his parachute opened. An image of his jump appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine. In 1984, he performed the first solo balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean and set a world record, spending 84 hours in the gondola of a balloon traveling at altitudes between 18,000 and 22,000 feet and traveling 3,542 miles.

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