The Bolles School Alma Mater

BOLLES, beloved Alma Mater,
Tower high thy mighty walls.
Mem’ries of our days here linger;
Learned we in thy hallowed halls.

Closely bonded by our friendship,
Proud we stand with voices raised;
Youthful days of Bolles we treasure—
Knowledge, strength, tradition praised.

As the river flows before us,
We move forward to succeed.
Called to seek our lives victorious,
Words of noble tutors heed.

Ever fondly we remember;
Days spent here are now our gain,
Led to learn for sake of wisdom—
Cherished, Bolles, you will remain.

Lyrics by: Julie C. Babcock
Music by: William Schirmer

The Bolles Experience

Aaron Abel '16

Carla Jones '03

Liam Benson '12

Copyright The Bolles School 2015

Co-ed Day and Boarding College Preparatory School from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12

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