Resident Ambassador Program

Bolles has the capacity to host 90 resident students with 60 boys and 30 girls from around the globe. Many students are from nearby, and some travel halfway across the world, but they all have Bolles in common.

The Resident Ambassador Program (R.A.P.) carefully pairs resident students with a local host family. It is a way for our resident students to experience a second “home away from home."

R.A.P. families interact with their resident students in many ways, such as inviting them to their home for dinner, providing treats or cheering them on at athletic events. The resident students are very appreciative of anything their R.A.P families do for them, many of them are a great distance from home and welcome any family-like support you provide.

R.A.P. families have enjoyed relationships that have continued well beyond the initial scope of the program, blossoming into people being invited to weddings in Thailand, to birthday parties in Germany, to progressive reunions, which move from country to country.

All Bolles families are encouraged to explore this unique program that pairs a local Bolles student and their family with a Bolles resident student. Interaction between the family and resident student are encouraged throughout the school year with activities, dinners, and bi-monthly newsletters to keep everyone involved.

If you are interested in becoming a R.A.P. family, please fill out this form.

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