Resident Student Life

2017-18 Resident Life Student-Parent Handbook

In some ways, the Resident Life program at The Bolles School boasts characteristics typical of many other elite boarding schools: a structured afternoon and evening program of group dining, mandatory study halls, dorm events, and weekends of on- and off-campus social activities. What makes our program unique, however, is our understanding that how students spend their time outside of the classroom is directly linked to creating lives of healthy balances. To that end, our program is constantly guided by the following goals:

Students will…
…learn to independently manage their time and studies
…learn to live respectfully and responsibly with others
…become prepared to function confidently and competently in a less controlled college environment
…have fun

Whether helping a student with their homework, leading an off-campus activity, or counseling a student through the ups and downs of life, our resident faculty are dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and fun environment, and a place where the students can call “home.”

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