Social Guidelines

Since the Bolles student represents the School at all times, both on and off the campus, there are certain characteristics that the School feels are desirable. The following guidelines will help to clarify and control the image a Bolles student should project.

The following guidelines are provided in the Middle School Student-Parent Handbook and are repeated here for review by Upper School parents. The purpose of offering this information is not to dissuade parents from hosting social functions for students, but rather to inform parents of concerns and problems other parents have experienced so that appropriate planning may take place.

1. Suggested guidelines are:
a. Large parties are unmanageable.
b. Parents should discuss ground rules of the party specifically with sons or daughters, and these should be explained to guests prior to the party.
c. Lack of a specific guest list encourages friends of friends to “crash” the party.
d. Parents planning to host a party should feel free to call other parents who have hosted similar events. The School can help with names of other parents who will share their experiences.
e. The parents should be present and visible at regular intervals during the party.
f. Parents of guests should feel free to call in advance and ask questions about the nature of the party and general ground rules which that family has for its parties.
g. The host should know who is spending the night and should check that the guest has informed his or her parent or guardian.
h. Parents greeting guests at the door or being introduced to guests helps to establish the proper tone.
i. Guests should remain inside until the party is over. If the party is outside, guests should not leave and then return to the area.
j. MOST IMPORTANTLY, plan the party carefully with your son or daughter cover all aspects and don’t let the event just “happen.”2. Other Information
a. It is illegal to serve minors alcohol in your home, except to parents’ own children.
b. Parents who host parties at which drinking occurs are taking the risk of being liable for any harm which may come to guests after they leave. This is true even if the parents are unaware that drinking has been going on. Parents are legally responsible even though they may not realize what is occurring.

1. The School sponsors several major student-planned events each year. Some examples of these events include the winter dance and prom. Students may attend as individuals, with a date, and/or in a group. All non-Bolles guests must have a Guest Approval form and copy of an ID on file with Bolles three days prior to the event. Proposals regarding the details of each event must be submitted for administrative approval well in advance of finalizing specific arrangements.

2. On-campus events require conduct that is compatible with the academic day guidelines. All events will be adequately chaperoned by School personnel and must be approved by the director of activities.

3. Off-campus School events must fulfill the following requirements:
a. All events and activities sponsored by Bolles organizations must be approved by the division head and the director of activities and must be chaperoned by School personnel or by persons designated by the administration.
b. School transportation must be furnished and its use required for all School-sponsored class off-campus events, whether local or elsewhere. Only the division heads can grant exceptions to this rule.
c. The director of activities must approve parties by School-sponsored clubs in homes or at any other off-campus location in advance. The host parent and club advisor must be present for the event.
d. Rules concerning alcohol, drugs, smoking, and general behavior are in effect as if the events were being held on School property. At all School events, whether occurring on or off-campus, as well as during the school day, the School may take any reasonable steps to detect and deter dangerous activities such as drug or alcohol use or possession.
e. Students attending away athletic events as spectators should conduct themselves as they would for an on-campus athletic event.
f. The Bolles School assumes responsibility for providing an environment conducive to positive growth in well-adjusted students. Students’ behavior is viewed in terms of responsibilities given to them according to their maturity level. Positive and negative consequences resulting from students’ assuming or not assuming their responsibilities are designed to be constructive and realistic in terms of student action.

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