Other Important Information and Policies

In coming to Bolles, students are committing themselves to adherence to the Honor Code, “I will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate anyone who does.” They should study the Honor Code and direct questions concerning it to one of the Honor Council members.


Regular Day Bell Schedule
Zero Hour 8:00-8:40
Period 1 8:45-9:30
Period 2 9:35-10:20
Period 3 10:25-11:10
Period 4 11:15-12:00 (6th lunch)
Period 5 12:05-12:50 (7th lunch)
Period 6 12:55-1:40 (8th lunch)
Period 7 1:45-2:30
Period 8 2:35-3:20
Activities 3:20-3:45

Meeting Day Schedule
Zero Hour 8:00-8:40
Period 1 8:45-9:29
Period 2 9:34-10:18
Period 3 10:23-11:07
Period 4 11:12-11:56 (6th lunch)
Period 5 12:01-12:45 (7th lunch)
Period 6 12:50-1:34 (8th lunch)
Period 7 1:39-2:23
Period 8 2:28-2:47
Activities 2:47-3:45

The School strives to provide the highest quality education while maintaining affordable fees. We depend on the timely payment of tuition and registration fees to cover our obligations. Enrolling your child requires a financial commitment much like any other major purchase. Please make school tuition a budget priority. Failure to make tuition/fee payments by the contractual dates may result in a child being removed from school or not being allowed to take examinations. Transcripts and student records cannot be forwarded to another school if there is an outstanding balance in his/her account, or if there are other outstanding debts.

Requests for student records and transcripts must be directed in writing to the School Office. The School reserves the right to withhold student transcripts and records for non-payment of tuition or fees.

The School makes reasonable efforts to ensure that both natural parents (or legal guardians) receive substantially the same information (transcripts, records, appointments, etc.). The School must rely upon the correctness and completeness of parental information when the student is enrolled. In situations of divorced or separated parents, if one parent believes that the other parent is not entitled to receive certain information, the parent wishing to restrict information provided by the School must provide the School with a court order that is still in effect that specifically restricts the other parent from receiving such information.

The Bolles School Parent Association offers parents the opportunity to become involved in the life of the School. Parent volunteers on our four campuses work together to coordinate school-wide events and projects, and also to plan and produce events on individual campuses.

Association dues assessed each year support the numerous activities that the Parent Association sponsors, such as Grandparent Days, Faculty/Staff Appreciation Days, new parent activities, academic grants, parent education programs, grounds improvements, etc. on all campuses. In addition, parents raise funds for the School through the Parent Fund and the Tuition Drawing.

Parent involvement is essential to the continued success and growth of the School, and parents are encouraged to actively participate in the Parent Association. For more information about the Parent Association and opportunities to volunteer, visit our web site at www.Bolles.org and click on Parents, or call the Parent Association hotline at (904) 256-5045.

The Bolles Office of Communications utilizes weekly global emails to communicate news, events and activities of the School. This allows the School to present information to constituents from a single source with consistent timing and frequency. Global emails are distributed on Tuesdays (unless a holiday changes the schedule, or there is an emergency notice), and include important information in regard to our students’ activities and news from the School. We make every effort to market all school events and opportunities via email, including: calls for volunteers to manage the PA Farmers Market; After School Advantage program notices; information on Bolles Camps; and various School fundraisers.

As such, School leaders must insist our constituents not use other means of distribution for messaging, including via Monday folders in the lower schools, fliers and other printed materials. When appropriate, additional marketing of an event or activity is done through mailings, the School website, social media, print ads, news releases and/or the School marquees. In addition, only Bolles events and news is promoted unless it is a community service activity which is placed under “Building A Force of Goodness” tagline and posted to the website. No outside company names are distributed.

If you are not receiving these emails, or have an address or email change, please email Framptonj@Bolles.org so we can update our records and ensure the correct email address is in our system. Or check the spam folder in your email files and ensure Bolles is noted as a preferred sender.

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