Social Guidelines

Middle school is a special time for developing friendship, learning new social skills, and enjoying life. The middle school administration and faculty, working closely together with the parent community, are committed to providing a wide variety of social activities that are appropriate for students. The support of both students and parents is vital for the success of these activities.

The following information may be useful to parents who have never hosted a party for adolescents but are considering doing so. Although it may seem early to present middle school parents with this information, it is best to inform parents so that they are prepared to handle new situations that may occur as children mature. Much of this information has been offered to us by parents who have had the experience of hosting social functions for students.

Suggested guidelines are:
1. Large parties are unmanageable.
2. Parents should discuss ground rules of the party specifically with sons or daughters, and these should be explained to guests prior to the party.
3. Lack of a specific guest list encourages friends of friends to “crash” the party.
4. Parents planning to host a party should feel free to call other parents who have hosted similar events. The School can help with names of other parents who will share their experiences.
5. The parents should be present and visible at regular intervals during the party.
6. Parents of guests should feel free to call in advance and ask questions about the nature of the party and general ground rules which that family has for its parties.
7. The host should know who is spending the night and should check that the guest has informed his or her parent or guardian.
8. Parents greeting guests at the door or being introduced to guests helps to establish the proper tone.
9. Guests should remain inside until the party is over. If the party is outside, guests should not leave and then return to the area.
10. MOST IMPORTANTLY, plan the party carefully with your son or daughter—cover all aspects and don’t let the event just “happen.”

1. On-campus events require conduct that is compatible with the academic day guidelines. All events will be adequately chaperoned by School personnel and parents.
2. Off-campus School events must fulfill the following requirements:
a. All events and activities sponsored by Bolles organizations must be approved by the middle school principal and must be chaperoned by School personnel or by persons designated by the administration.
b. Students attending events away from the Bolles campus should conduct themselves as they would for an on-campus event.
3. There are no sororities or fraternities allowed at The Bolles School. Membership in a sorority or fraternity is incompatible with the basic philosophy of the School. We do not support them or any activity they sponsor and the School discourages participation by a student of any grade, male or female, in these discriminatory and superficial organizations.

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