Anyone can join a club at any time. A student go to his/her Schoology page and search for one of the club names below. On the club's page will be the organization's constitution, next meeting if one is planned for the next few weeks and any other pertinent information. If it looks interesting, the student can request to join. As in years past, a student can also simply show up to the next meeting as announced in the Daily Bulletin.

2017-18 Upper School Clubs

Service Clubs
Club President Co-President Faculty Sponsor Mission
Amnesty International Club Soraya Bata (10) Danton Kostandarithes To fight for international human rights and to support the organization of the same name
Angels for Allison Cameron Perry Walker (12) Mike Boswell To support the local charity that helps provide money for funerals to families who have lost a child
Angelwood Club Pranit Manohar (10) Gloria Wood To support and raise awareness for the local charity of the same name
Art Club Ivy Lou (12) Tiffany Gonzalez To donate money raised from the sale of unwanted student artwork to the North East FL Art Educators Assoc.
Autism Awareness Club Kennedy McKinney (11) Jennifer Gomez To raise money and awareness for the Autism community
Big Heart Bulldogs Chase Rivera (11) Joe Tepas To dispel any myths about organ donating and to encourage the registration of new organ donors
Bolles Mission Club Nicole Foster (11) Oliver Barakat (11) Jennifer Stover To educate others about the goal of international mission trips and to support First Love and Clinic Nepal.
Bolles Organization of Knowledge (BOOKs) Kamren Khan (10) Anna Jacobson This organization was formed to create and maintain a library of textbooks affiliated with the Financial Aid Office
Books Across Borders Olivia Morello (12) Nathan Lesser (12) Nancy Hazzard To engage others students to share in the good fortune of our education with the less fortunate children of Fiji
Break the Cycle: Linking with Students in Guatemala. Chloe Coffindaffer (11) Erin du Chanois To help link Bolles students with students in Guatemala with the hope of improving their learning environments
Care for Kids Marla Saikali (11) Janice Fluegel To help raise money and support for local children in need
Characters for Care Rachel Johns (11) Dawn Roland To raise awareness about kids with special needs and to participate in events for them while dressed in character costumes.
Defeat DIPG Hannah Mendelson (12) Robin Mendelson To fund research not only for this rare type of tumor, but for terminal pediatric cancers as well.
Dreams Come True Sage Lucas (12) Cormac O'Riordan To help raise funds to send a child with a very serious medical condition on a trip or the help make a 'dream' come true. This club is affiliated with the non-profit of the same name.
Environmental Club Ann Maris Walton(12) Andrew Dickson To raise awareness about environmental issues
Giving Global Mae Merritt (12) Brad Bullington To help support children in need on a local and international scale. This club supports the ChildFund Foundation.
Giving Grand Goods: Community Hospice Madison Clubb (11) Jennifer Stover To provide students with an outlet for being compassionate while improving the quality of life for Hospice residents
Habitat for Humanity Abi Platock (11) Marcela Neret (11) Don Bied To raise awareness and money for our local chapter, Habijax, in order to purchase playground equipment and tools. We will also volunteer to tutor children through Habijax.
Hearts for the Arts Rachel Johns (11) Natalie Rudzinski (10) Laura Rippel To raise money that would benefit public schools who have had their arts funding cut
Heifer International Club Jordan Bunn (11) Emmy Pearson (11) Tiffany Gonzalez To raise money for and awareness of Heifer International, a charity that provides farm animals to underprivileged families across the globe
Hubbard House Alayna Zanghetti (12) Janice Fleugel To spread awareness of domestic abuse and help women and children escape from abusive relationships
Interact Sarah Kate Levin (12) Hannah Mendelson (12) Danton Kostandarithes To benefit the community through service and leadership. This club is an affiliate of the Rotary Club of San Jose.
Kenya Outreach Club Phelps Moore (12) Amelia Still (12) Beth Curran To assist the Maragoli Community Development Foundation in improving the quality of life for the people of Maragoli in the western providence of Kenya.
Kenzie Club Cameron Perry Walker (12) Lilly Edwards (12) Allison Chandler To motivate young people to reach their full potential and discover their purpose in the world. This club is affiliated with the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation.
MediFund Reza Chahlavi (11) Michael Hume (11) Steven Stam To assist in the donation of medical supplies to a hospital in Costa Rica
Mental Health Club Savannah Majarwitz (12) Kavya Mahadev (12) Pamela Clubb To bring awareness to the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses and work to eradicate it
Natural Disaster Relief Club Anna Whelan (10) Samantha Josephson (10) Mike Rivera To help those affected by natural disasters by supporting the Direct Relief Foundation
Paws for Pets Hannah Lee (11) Lauren Genduso To get Bolles students involved in aiding the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) and the Animal Control and Protective Services (ACPS) through various fundraising, volunteering and fostering opportunities.
PedsCare Club John Bowers (12) Nick Maniatas (12) Mike Rivera To help organize and fundraise for the Community Hospice PedsCare events for terminally ill and disabled children
Pencils of Promise Arianna Khan (12) Rania Farah (12) Judy Quesada To raise money to help build schools in underdeveloped countries. This club is affiliated with the national Pencils of Promise Foundation.
Project 4293 Alex Cywes (10) Kennedy McKinney (10) Joe Tepas We hope to help those who feel that they are the victims of hate crimes by raising awareness in our community and garnering funds to help pay for their legal and/or therapeutic needs
Promise to Kate Yasmin Brophy (12) Sarah Morris (12) Beth Curran To raise awareness of Myotonic Dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder. This club is affiliated with the local non-profit of the same name.
Reaching Goals Cami Dade (12) Jessica Pentel (12) Twyla Ashman To help children and adults with Down Syndrome and other mental disabilities learn how to overcome obstacles by engaging in different sports.
Relay for Life Brittany George (11) Jennifer Gomez To support the efforts of the American Cancer Society and their Relay for Life events.
Save the Seas Serena Scalcione (11) Halle Gold (10) Daniel Ferrari To help protect our oceans/beaches and the creatures living there through the support of rehabilitation centers and beach clean-up, among other things.
Senior Women Jessica Pentel (12) Pamela Clubb To build spirit within the senior class and on the campus as a whole. We also adopt a charity annually.
Wounded Warriors Savannah Friedlin (10) Chloe Cochran (10) Joe Tepas To support the mission of the national organization of the same name.

Special Interest Clubs
Club President Co-President Faculty Sponsor Mission
Be True to You Mackenna Toomey (9) Brett Moyer Formed in remembrance of Natalie New, former Bolles student. Natalie was always true to herself and this club hopes to help young people embrace who they are.
Black Student Union Mahiya Lawson (12) Ryan Brewer To educate people about the treatment and life experiences of blacks and other minorities. To promote diversity and cultural understanding.
Boisterous Bulldogs Gracie Surface (12) Jeff Yeakel We are all about School Spirit!! Our goal is to motivate and encourage all students to show their Bolles' Pride.
Bolles Outing Club Alex Hastings (10) Steven Stam To promote athleticism, keep the Bolles community active, and unite students with a common interest in nature.
Care to Lax Jack Munoz (10) Mike Mulvey To help grow the game of lacrosse through schools and clubs in the Duval County area by acting as assist coaches, providing equipment and teaching kids the importance of teamwork and competition.
Chess Club Peter Liu (12) Jim Lieb To introduce Bolles students to the game of chess
Childrens' International Summer Village (CISV) Club Raya Rukab (11) Anna Jacobson To educate the students of Bolles about CISV's core goals and values, and to utilize our privilege through community service opportunities
Cooking Club Shannon McGrane (11) Allison Chandler To inspire and teach students about culinary arts
Dancing with Love Kenny Sogbesan (10) Angela Blackledge To provide the community extra support and positive influence in their lives through dance and to expand the love of dance.
Free and Equal Club Barbie Goldstein (11) Anna Jacobson To spread knowledge and awareness of current issues such as human rights, diversity and social justice
Global Economics Club YueTong Xu (11) Tom Hopkins To gain a better understanding of micro and macro economies and the ways in which those they affect global businesses
The Indian Club Charu Chaturvedi (9) Trisha Chakravarty (9) Janice Fluegel To spread the culture of India by holding events celebrating Indian culture
Photography Club Nithya Badarinath (11) Kelly Cullen To hold photography based service events, specifically taking family pictures and senior portraits for families that cannot afford to pay for professionals photography.
Ping Pong Club Ben Sievert (12) Caden Matson (12) To give students a relaxing break and introduce them to a fun game. We will teach those new to the game.
Run Life Alex Maniatis (12) Rachel Shapiro (12) Steven Stam To bring runners of all levels together to share information, form an intentional bond around their preferred activity and to volunteer together at local charity races
Students Against Addiction Quinn Kelley (12) Tom Hopkins To raise awareness of the current and future dangers of drug addiction and to raise money for non-profit rehabilitation centers
Ukulele Club Shannon McGrane (11) Maggie Vance To provide a place for people to improve their ukulele playing skills, learn how to play, or just enjoy the music of the ukulele.

Academic Clubs
Club President Co-President Faculty Sponsor Mission
Chinese Club Olivia Morello (12) Rothschild To promote the Chinese language and culture
French Club Elizabeth McGrane (12) Elise Ballantyne (12) Michelle Brown To celebrate French culture and language and to encourage others to appreciate foreign languages.
Japanese Club Leo Xu (12) Caroline Holland (11) Mrs. Braren To promote the Japanese language and culture
Latin Club Taylor Menk (12) Meredith Borum / Jeff Yeakel To promote a more thorough knowledge of Classical life, history and literature
Spanish Club George Lewis (12) Jacob Glassman (12) Pete Montes To inform people about the Hispanic culture and to give them a chance to help those in need

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