Every summer, The Bolles School is excited to offer your son or daughter the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer camps ranging from sport specific camps like the Bolles Basketball Camp to other exciting camp opportunities such as the Bolles Robotics Camp, just to name a few. The majority of these camps are led by Bolles faculty and staff and provide your child the opportunity to use the summer for fun, relaxation and exploration. As you plan your summer, let The Bolles School challenge your child to be more creative, athletic, smarter and innovative!

B Smart – Academic oriented camps held in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere

B Athletic – Sport focused camps that are either sport specific or include a variety of sports

B Creative – Artistic camps designed to bring your creative side alive

B Innovative – Engineering, science and technology are used in these camps to engage young minds

Day Camp - Click here for Day Camp

The Bolles Experience

Aaron Abel '16

Carla Jones '03

Liam Benson '12

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